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Bolted Frame Pallet Rack

Most pallet racking frames are welded, however there is a certain type we sell that uses bolts to fasten it together just because of the manufacturers unique and proven design. We are one of the few distributors that offers both welded and bolted options to pallet racking and the reason is only because two of the most popular manufacturers just have different designs. There is very little noticeable difference between the two.

This bolted option is easily set up and can solve a myriad of storage issues your warehouse or distribution center may be facing. Incidentally if you are under a time crunch, the bolted frames do ship a bit quicker and cost less to manufacture, getting your distribution center organized for less money. Both welded and bolted pallet rack will do the job, and do it well!  And if you don’t want wood decking, we do offer options like wire decking as well as a full line of safety accessories and components. Please contact us for a rundown of these options that may fit your warehouse needs.


You can order Bolted Frame Pallet Rack online, or call and allow our expert staff to customize your order.