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    Consulting to Improve Warehouse Operations Performance
    Here at we strive to offer our clients the industry’s best in products and services. We provide solutions for companies seeking cost effective methods to improve or upgrade their operations processes and supplement existing companies with the elements needed to achieve business objectives. With our expertise, extensive experience and our careful attention to several critical components, we work with you to develop a plan to improve your company’s performance. Business Objective
    We will work with you to outline goals and assessable results in your warehouse or distribution center. Whether you require the improved utilization of space, equipment or labor or the accessibility and protection of your materials, we will address the obstacles you are facing and create a functional business objective. Partnership
    We each bring our own expertise and capabilities to the table. Our combined experience will form a collaboration that will create the optimal results for your project.
    Transfer Information
    We provide the experts and resources to understand how and why we are able to achieve the desired end result. We supply the tools so you can continue to build on that knowledge in the future. Maximize Your Assets
    You already know what works within your company. We will create and outcome that will compliment and maximize your unique skills and abilities. Measuring Results
    At the end of the day, how do you know if we’ve been successful? We offer tools to better understand and improve the impact of our work. Support
    We are committed to your total satisfaction. That’s why offers in-house support team to guarantee client satisfaction and retention. Contact us today by email or call us at 1-800-952-0151 to launch a partnership that will take your company to the next level!

    Engineering and System Design

    As a leading material handling supplier, we are keenly aware that logistics has increasingly become a key factor in cost and quality customer service, distinguishing one company's products from another's. Our engineering and design team is well qualified and prepared to help you craft the best suited concept and develop the very best warehouse layout, manufacturing plant layout designs and material handling solutions for your company.

    Jorgenson Material Handling provides creative and innovative methods that integrate control technology, information technology and material transport to provide warehouse logistics concepts, processes, layout, and designs matched to customer business needs. All phases of the design, manufacture, installation and testing will be examined by our consultants and designers. Our engineer and design team will effectively solve problems and increase profitability using our extensive experience in the warehouse layout, design and implementation of conventional and highly automated material handling solutions for warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing operations.

    We include simulation, operations research, layout planning, traffic flow planning and analysis, process mapping, life-cycle cost analysis and general data analysis in our engineering and design approach.
    We use our familiarity with different equipment types, as well as an understanding of their strengths and weakness in possible applications to select appropriate equipment types for your specific situation.

    We have designed numerous cost-effective material handling solutions crossing the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution industries. We are most frequently asked to provide engineering and consulting services for the following:

    Product Slotting Analysis
    System Capacity Analysis
    Material Flow Analysis
    Warehouse Storage Systems Design
    Order Picking Systems Design
    Conveyor Systems Design
    Sortation Systems Design
    Design for Facility and Operation Expansions

    Permit Processing

    In most warehouse projects or expansions, 40 percent of the time involved is used for permit processing. Jorgenson Material Handling provides full service permit processing and conflict resolution coordinating the approval of plans with city departments and other regulatory agencies. We will verify plan submittals are complete and conform to submittal standards as we walk your paperwork through permitting procedure to obtain the permit you need for your project. We have developed our permit process to ensure that our customers receive the innovative and practical solution for their unique operational needs.


    Warehouse Services & Material Handling supplies our own in-house installation team that provides over 20-years experience in material handling. Our years of practice in the installation of pallet rack, conveyors, cranes, lockers, shelving, dock levelers and more, guarantees your satisfaction.

    We are offer the complete package from consulting to installation and are committed to making the entire process a smooth transition. We house a large team of professionals who train and specialize in their own area of expertise such as shelving & racking.

    We are proficient in providing complete turnkey operations on a wide variety of warehousing systems and material handling products. Our specialists are well versed in the newest systems, technologies and products and consistently create the most up to date and effective warehousing systems. Some of the most common products and systems are listed below.

    Warehousing - Installation, Tear down & Relocation Shelving

       Metal Shelving
       Chrome & Wire Shelving
       Tire Shelving
       Pallet Rack
       Bolt less Shelving
       Open Shelving
       Rotobin Shelving
       Wall Shelving
       Bin Shelving
       Bulk Shelving
       Record Archive Shelving
       Packaging Shelving
       Pick Shelving
       Library Shelving


    Warehouse, Distribution Center, & Manufacturing Facility Layout & Design Services

    warehouse designThe design and layout service offered by provides a flexible team of engineers and draftsmen who focus in drawing, drafting services and mechanical design. A depth of knowledge enables our team to absolute even the most complicated projects with effortlessness. Implementing the correct design and layout for your facility will in effect transform the way you do business for years to come.

    We work with you to understand the product, flow, techniques and structures to gain the insight and perspective needed to begin or enhance your business model. As we perform analysis and recommend materials handling systems, operations, engineered work standards, and management productivity control systems, we maintain the relationship that we build with our clients to create an organizational strategy to help your company meet its goals.'s design team strives to create a concept that is efficient and flexible that will enable you to offer maximum service to your customers. Maximizing space while designing to the functionality of your warehouse has consistently provided our customers with capital cost savings, and lower operating costs over time. It is our task to work with you to design a layout that will benefit and enhance the life of your operational facility.

    For more information on how can help your company design and layout a modern warehouse/distribution center contact us today!


    Shelving Solutions
    With our dedication to innovation, our commitment to research and our unmatched level or service and support we guarantee solutions.

    At, our job is to use our unique expertise in material handling technology to give our customers the competitive edge required for success. As a leaded in material handling systems our network of technological expertise and customer service and support permits us to develop innovative solutions. We are committed to taking your business to the next level and our team of specialists will work together to improve inventory control, space utilization, product flow, resource management and the utilization of equipment.

    Using advanced simulation, operations research, layout planning, traffic flow planning and analysis, process mapping, life-cycle cost analysis and general data analysis in our engineering and design approach we are able to save your company time, resources, and overall capital.

    Our safety inspections are key in preventing serious warehouse accidents caused by damaged or misused equipment and materials. Our inspectors are trained to identify any unsafe components and list precautions to prevent future incidents.'s team of specialists will educate your staff on techniques and procedures and will also train your personnel on how to inspect for future capacity or safety concerns. We want to protect you, your customers and your assets and set in place standards that will help you achieve operational excellence on all levels!

    Customer Education

    Contact us today to set-up a meeting to give you more details on this service.


    Custom fabrication

    As your one stop shop for warehouse and material handling needs, we not only supply the tools, services and materials essential for optimal performance, but we also offer custom fabrication on our projects. Our custom fabrication facility is one of the most efficient, experienced and best equipped stainless steel workshops in the industry. With top rated tools, equipment and skills, we are able to manufacture an operations system that is unique to the needs of your facility. strives for excellence in every aspect of our process. From consulting, to engineering and installation our staff will be there every step of the way to ensure that our designs and equipment help you meet your goals.

    Key benefits to partnering with

       Robust engineering design
       Cutting edge technology
       Competitive pricing
       First rate craftsmanship
       Finite element analysis capability
       Guaranteed delivery dates