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Metal has a great selection of metal shelving units, perfect for any industrial, commercial, shop, or office applications. Our shelving systems are easy to set up and install saving you valuable time. Compression shelf clips give you the flexibility to quickly adjust any shelf's height to suit the needs of your changing and evolving inventory. If those aren't enough options, our shelves are hole-punched to allow for shelf dividers, label holders, base strips and more, which can be found on our metal shelving components page.

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You'll experience not only great prices and quick delivery, but also our friendly, knowledgeable staff. For instance, did you know that the most commonly wasted area in a storage room or warehouse is the space between the top shelf and the ceiling? With our sturdy metal industrial grade shelving, you can easily store additional items on top and make the most of your storage space. That helpful hint just scratches the surface of our industry knowledge. Call us today to pick our brains and see how we can help you organize, maximize and optimize your storage potential.