What is the Most Common Type of Shelving?

Whether you have a warehouse full of products that need to be stored or a messy garage at home that needs a little organization, shelving is your best friend. But ever wondered what the most common type of shelving is?

Metal shelving is the go-to choice for most all-purpose shelving needs. Among its main benefits, metal shelving is affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Another reason it’s the most common type of shelving is the fact that it’s so versatile—you can virtually use metal shelving in any situation. It’s an ideal storage choice for commercial and industrial applications, offices, shops, warehouses, distribution centers and even at home in your basement, garage or shed!

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Jorgenson Companies’ Material Handling Division Hosting Open House for New Facility


It’s been an exciting couple of months for us—BuyMetalShelving.com recently made the move to a new facility along with the rest of the Jorgenson Industrial Companies’ Material Handling and Lockers Divisions, and we want to show it off! Our new building is big enough that all of our operations, sales and support staff are able to be in the same location, allowing us to serve our customers better. Additionally, we have enough room to keep plenty of our impressive selection of shelving (metal, industrial, wire, boltless, etc.), pallet rack and other material handling and industrial products in stock!

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The Benefits of Pallet Racking

We here at BuyMetalShelving.com know that you are looking here because you have some stuff to store–odds are A LOT OF STUFF.  And we want to help.  That is why we have done several comparison blog posts of differing racking and shelving styles, side-by-side, and showing their strengths and weaknesses as well as applications.

buy metal shelving pallet racking 8

Please feel free to look over past blog posts to find some of these informative comparisons.  But today we want to take about the basics and why/how…

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Shelving Ideas: Turn Your Garage Into An Efficient Garage!

Your garage may seem like it is organized, however odds are there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Garage 2

The reason why could be many–you don’t have too many things to store so conserving space has never been an issue; or you already have a storage unit for the big stuff.  But we have found in dealing with our clients that most garages really aren’t well thought-out when trying to maximize storage space. Since there usually is an abundance of space, no one really thinks about if they are making the most use of that space–let alone think of ways to maximize it by using some serious shelving.

Take this case in particular…

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Wire Shelving – Its Applications, Where It Is Found And What Issues It Solves

“Wire shelving is one of the more versatile applications you can use,” said BuyMetalShelving.com Sales Rep Cameron Canfield.  “You will see wire shelving a lot in the restaurant industry, especially walk in freezers and prep rooms.  A lot of times this type of shelving is used in the restaurant industry because food storage works really well on them just because if you’re storing bread or something like that, the crumbs will fall through and they don’t sit there and the wire allows other particulates or contaminates to not gather upon the shelves.”


It’s made of wire.  It’s usually covered in chrome.  And it’s pretty cool.  And here is where it is normally found, as well as what it is doing there…

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Buying The Perfect Industrial Cabinet For Your Business

“Cabinets can really be used in any type of business; from a normal office, to a large parts warehouses and just about any type of business that needs a place to secure things like valuable tools, supplies and other items.  A lot of people use heavy duty storage cabinets especially if the cabinets are going be used out in a shop, where employees will need to lock up their expensive tools,” states Buy Metal Shelving Sales Rep Cameron Canfield.  “Basically having a cabinet in the warehouse or distribution center is used to store and secure any items they don’t want people to get to.”


He’s right.  Having industrial pallet racking and other types of light duty boltless racking (such as single rivet racking and double rivet racking) is great when a business needs to expand their storage options and space, however what happens when a business wants to store various supplies and expensive tools that have the unsavory tendency to wander off when the boss is away…

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Light Duty Boltless Shelving For Residential Purposes – What You Need To Know

“Most definitely I would recommend this type of light duty boltless shelving for any residential storage issue,” said Cameron Canfield, Sales Rep for BuyMetalShelving.com.  “It is the strongest and it is one of the most economical types of shelving out there and is perfect for storing things if you have say, an unfinished basement it is perfect because you can get stuff up off of the floor and store things vertically and not horizontally.”

Penco Rivet-Rite

Home storage.  It’s a problem that can be solved with a light duty boltless shelving option.  And odds are you’re going to love what you read about it and how you may be tricked by some of the options you find in a home improvement store…

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